Saturday, June 17, 2006


One night, a few weeks after that stage show at the the adult theater, I went back. It was a Sunday, around 7 pm. There were about 30 guys in the seats watching the feature. I sat down for a few minutes and removed my shorts and put a slave bandana on my head. Then I walked down to the toilet. There was a middle aged black guy standing around. I removed my t- shirt and got completely naked except for a pair of black dress shoes and black socks. The black guy stared at me and began rubbing his groin. "You wanna blow job, honey?" I asked him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It was hard. I knelt on the floor and began to suck his cock. MMM! it was nice and hard and about 10 inches. He unbuckled his pants and let them drop to his ankles. I reached up and pulled down his boxer shorts. As I sucked him off I ran my hands all over his big strong legs. I looked up at him. "You wanna fuck me, sweetie?" He nodded and I handed him a condom. I got on my elbows and knees facing the doorway and he mounted me, working his dick up into my anus. He began fucking me with long, slow strokes, enjoying the bite of my anus on his dick. A guy came in and began watching him fuck me. After The black guy shot his load in my ass and left, I turned to one of the men standing next to me. He was an older mexican, he looked like a field worker. He was wearing cowboy boots and a john deere baseball cap. He had his dick out and was jerking off. I crawled over to him and started suckin his dick. I blew him until he pumped a hot load of semen into my throat. A young filipino guy in scrubs came over and fingered my anus with 2 fingers. He pulled his pants down and worked his dick up my ass. He didnt have a real big dick, but like most asian men, his dick was extremely hard. He fucked me and beat on my ass until he came deep in my anus. Then I spotted Butch. He was naked and had a hard on. He crooked his finger at me and I crawled to him. I gave him a super charged blowjob right there next to the urinal. There were about 12 men in the toilet watching. After he nutted all over my faggot face he said, "man, you are really wild!" I laughed. "Yes i am," i said. "I'm crazy wild. There aint nothin I wont do. He looked down at me. "Ok, I want you to clean up that toilet bowl with your tongue." The toilet bowl in that place is one of the nastiest toilet bowls i have ever seen. It almost never gets flushed. I crawled on my hands and knees over to the bowl. It had a couple of huge pieces of shit floating in a lot of piss, and it stunk like hell. My dick was so hard I almost couldnt stand it. The seat was up and i began hungrily licking the porcellin rim of the bowl. The word had got out in the theater and everyone had come into the toilet to watch me lick it clean. I cleaned it all up and then Butch said to put my face into the piss and shit. I got my head down into the bowl and Butch grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my face into the shit and piss and held my head under for a few seconds before pulling me up. I gasped for breath, my face soaked with piss. I laughed and scooped up a big piece of the shit and smeared it across my face. God it stunk! Butch said, "Hold your head over the bowl, I gotta take a piss." I did like he told me. "Open your fuckin mouth, bitch," he barked. I opened my mouth just in time to take a full blast of his piss in my mouth. I had to keep gulping to get it all down. It seemed like he pissed forever! There was so much piss! And i gulped it all down. Butch shook his dick off in my face. He stepped aside and another guy took his place. One after another, 15 guys took a piss on me. I was covered with piss from head to foot. My bandana and socks were soaked. When it was over i did my best to dry myself off with paper towels before getting dressed and slinking out of the theater. By the time i got home the urine had dried on my body, but my hair and socks were still soaked. I really stank bad. I took everything off and threw it in the washer. Then i went in the bathroom and stood before the mirror and inhaling the stink of piss and recalling the events of the toilet, i masturbated until i came all over the floor. Then i took a shower and went to bed, to dream of my humiliation.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Sometimes I go to this one place, it's an adult bookstore/theater...kinda like SECRETS in Jack London Square in Oakland, but smaller. It's located in the East Bay. I'd been in there several times over the years, & I always thought the place was a dud. Everytime I'd gone in there I was the only customer. The booths in the back had absolutely NO action whatsoever either. So based on that I hardly ever went there. But one night I had a long session with a black guy at one of the other adult bookstores in the same city, and we were both naked and I was sitting on his lap, his dick up my ass & we were kissing and taking it slow, & he asked me if I ever went to the adult bookstore/theater a few blocks away. I told him I had been there but it was always no action. He seemed surprised. "In the theater?" he asked. I told him I didn't realize that there was a theater, and he told me there was, in the back. He said it was hella wild there, that there is a stage right below the screen, and that some guys get up and put a show right there on the stage. Well, that definitely got my attention. A few weeks later I decided to give the theater a try. Sure enough, it was just like my man had said. You go to the desk and give the guy behind the counter 6 bucks & tell him it's for the theater. He hits a button that unlocks the door, which you go through and find your self in the darkened theater. The first time I went in it was late - around 9:30 pm. There were only a couple of guys jerking off in solitude as they watched the movie on the screen. There are about a hundred seats. You go down the aisle to the screen, which is up above a small stage. Behind the stage and movie screen is a men's toilet. The toilet is big. It is very dimly lit in there. There are 2 urinals against the wall, and a toilet bowl down at the far end corner, none of which get cleaned very often i might add. I came back a couple of nights later, it was a Saturday, around 7 pm. this time the place had about 50 guys watching the movie. I sat down and took out my dick. It got hard fast. I noticed a guy peek his head out from the door to the men's toilet, so I decided to investigate. I entered the toilet and was pleasantly surprised. There were about 10 guys in there, some giving blowjobs, & one white kid was getting fucked by a mexican farm worker over near the toilet bowl. I immediately stripped naked and put my clothes in a plastic grocery bag. I greased up my anus, just in case. One guy who was getting his cock sucked kept looking at me. He was standing against the wall completely naked as some guy sucked his dick. He called me over and offered me his dick. I was on him like a nymphomaniac. I sucked his dick and nuts like a sex maniac. He could tell i was wild. "You wanna go out front?" he said. I nodded and followed him out into the theater. "You up for going up on stage?" he asked. I looked up at the row of seats filled with spectators, and a thrill ran through me. "Ok," I said. We walked up the 4 steps that led up onto the stage. A few audience members whistled, and some guy yelled out: "Let's see a show!" The guy I was with stood there and I got on my knees and began suckin his dick and balls. After a while he turned and spread his ass for me to eat him out - which I did, for a long time. Then we stood up and made out for a while before he got me on my hands and knees and fucked me in the ass Finally he asked me where I wanted it and I told him on my face. He began jerking off while I flickered my tongue all over his penis until he shouted out and slopped a huge load of cum all over my face. There were a lot of cheers & catcalls from the audience as the guy grabbed my arm and raised me up to display my dripping face to the crowd. "Let's have a big hand for the little sissy!" he shouted out to the crowd. There were more cheers as he took me by the arm and escorted me off the stage and up the center aisle, stopping every few feet to display my dripping face. Some of the guys in the audience had flashlights and were shining them on me and I was vaguely aware of camera flashes as some of them took pictures with digital cameras. Then he escorted me back down the aisle and into the toilet. As he was getting dressed he told me his name was Butch, and that he was married. He said he went there every few weeks. After he left I hung out in the toilet and ended up sucking 6 or 7 more men off and getting ass fucked by 3 of them.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Hi Bitches! Last night kicked off the Memorial Day Weekend, so I decided to do something daring -AND, very sexy, too! I was looking at myself in the mirror yesterday afternoon & checking out the effects of the beating I got from T the other night. My eye is still pretty much closed, and now it's all purpled. My upper lip is still puffed out too, but I think it looks damn sexy overall. Not to mention my arms are covered with bruises, & my legs too. So anyway, I was strutting around in front of my full length miror, wearing a sexy pair of high heels, red listick, & a slave rag tied aunt jemima style, and just looking at myself and thinking of that ass whipping. And I got the biggest fuckin' hardon! I put on a xxx sixe wife beater t-shirt that i stiched up so that it fits me like a minidress, which is basically what i wore in prison. And I decided to go for it.
What i mean is, a few weeks ago when i was on my way to Oakland, i was driving on San Pablo Avenue just over the Berkely line into Oakland. And I was at a stop light and I saw this hella sexy ho crossing the street. She had on a man's fedora with a feather in the band, a low cut halter top, & extreeemly short short-shorts, and some 4 inch high heels. I remember thinking, wow! She is hella sexy! And she was a big woman, too - not fat or anything, but taller than me and big boned. And she had really sexy legs, too! After i saw her i couldn't sop thinking about how sexy she looked, & I just KNEW she was gonna be givin some blow jobs that night. And so now, standing in front of the mirror, i decided to go public. I decided that i would go out tonight and do the same walk i saw her do a couple weeks back.
Around 8 p.m. last night I pulled over on a side street off of San Pablo Ave., right near where I saw the black ho do her strut. I waited til no one was nearby and I stepped out of my car dressed eactly the way I had been in front of my mirror - heels, lipstck, slave rag, xxx t-shirt cut and sewn to fit like a minidress. I couldn't believe i was actually doing it in public! I knew there was a chance i could get gaybashed, but i didn't care, I just felt so sexy, so...womanly! I began walking out on to San Pablo Ave. The area is a very busy intersection and even at midnight it is very well lit. I began strutting in very sexy, short mincing steps, swinging my hips. I held my upper arms close to my body, and my forearms and hands were loose and feminine as I walked up to the stoplight and pushed the crosswalk button. The "WALK" sign lit up and i took a deep breath and sepped out into the croswalk in front of the cars that had stopped. I knew I looked like a woman, so i wasn't too afraid of being gay bashed. As I walked I began to hear some whistles and a few catcalls. I smiled and walked like a prostitute, feeling super sexy. I knew everyone was looking at me, but i also knew that this was a high traffic area for prostitution, and that to most people i was just anoher ho out on the stroll. Since San Pablo is such a wide thoroughfare - 4 lanes, seperated by a middle - this meant i had to cross 4 lanes of traffic which were stopped for the red light so i could cross. Imagine being a guy, dressed in a tight minidress and 5 inch high heels, looking every inch a lady, doing a girly-girl strut in front of the whole world! I mean, let's face it, you gotta have balls to do that!
After crossing I began my strut back down San Pablo on the opposite side from where my car was parked. A couple of black guys passed me and said, "Whassup, girl!" I smiled and said, "You know, honey, I'm all about my paper!" They laughed. "You go, girl!" They said. And I kept strutting down to the next crosswalk. I hit the button and when it was time I began my walk across the 4 lanes of traffic back to the side where my car was parked. Fuck! What a sexy feeling!
Once across I went down the side street where my car was. I was almost to my car when a black pickup truck pulled up near me. The side window was down. I saw a white guy in his 40s looking at me. He was wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt, & shorts. I went to the passenger side and said, "Hi, baby..whassup?" He goes, "You need a ride, honey?" I got in and he drove off. As soon as i was in his car his hands were all over me, feeling my legs and grabbing my tits. I kept my legs tight so he couldn't feel my dick. He looked at me. "I need a blowjob awful bad," he said. I kissed his mouth and reached into the stretch waistband of his shorts. whoa! His dick was fuckin ROCK hard!."How much for a blow job, baby?" he asked. "I got fifty," he said, handing me the money.
Usually, when i have sex i do it in the preview booths at the adult bookstores, and i never ask for $ until the guy cums - that way i don't have to worry about a prostitution bust. But tonight, especially after that strut, i decided to go for it, because i felt like the whore he knew i was!I took the fifty and he pulled over in back of a liquor store, near some dumpsters. He pulled his shorts down to his ankles and moved facing my side. I got down on the floorboards and sucked his cock and balls til he slopped a nut all over my face - only took a few minutes. He wiped his dick off with a Macdonalds napkin and eased his shorts back up. He looked around. I had gotten back up ino the passenger seat beside him. He looked at me. "Ok?" he said. "What do you mean," i asked him. "Get out," he said. I looked around. We wre at least a half mile from where he had picked me up. "Just drop me off on San Pablo," i said. He looked at me. "Fuck that," he said. "Come on...get the fuck out." He leaned over me and opened the door.
I got out and watched him drive away. I walked out of the liquor store parking lot and out onto the street. It was definitely a low rent area. It was almost 9 p.m. I felt the trick's semen loosen and run down my forehead onto my nose. I had forgotten that he came on my face! I began to walk back toward San Pablo. I saw a black BMW go by slowly & the driver, an old guy with white hair, had his head out the window hawkin me out. Sure enough, he pulled a u-turn and came back up the street on my side. I started really putting on the girly-girl strut, wiggling my hips and ass, my hands fluttering. The Beamer pulled up alng side of me. I looked. The driver was leaning down to look at me. I smiled and kept walking. He follwed at my pace. Finally i said,"Hi Sweetie!" He smiled. He seemed kinda nervous. "You need a ride?" He asked me. "Ok", I said and slid in next to him, getting really close. He was wearing a nice sports shirt, shorts, and boat shoes. As soon as I got in he started feeling my legs, telling me how pretty and silky my legs are. I put my hand over to the bulge in his shorts and squeezed. I put my toungue in his ear and whispered, "You feel like you need a blow job." He nodded. "I do! Oh God, I do! He looked at me. "How much for that?" he said. "A hundred bucks," I answered him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a money clip, and peeled off a benjamin and handed it to me. I took it and put it in my bag. Where do we go?" he asked. I directed him back to the liquor store I had just got dropped off at. We pulled into the lot. "Keep going, behind the building," i said, "Next to the dumpsters." We parked. "Let's get out," he said. We got out of the car and I followed him over to the dumpsters. The area was pretty dark, but there were a couple of lights, so it wasn't completely dark. He unbuckled his belt and let his shorts drop to his feet. I got down on my knees. "Could you take that off?" he said, tugging on the strap of my minidress. I looked around. I pulled the wife beater over my head and set it next to me on the ground. Now I was nude except for my high heels and a pair of thong panties. I held his dick. it was average size but really hard. There was a bead of semen forming on the head. I flicked my toungue out and lapped it off. Then I filled my mouth with saliva and started suckin his cock, using LOTS of tongue! As i blew him i kept playing with his hairy legs. He had a strong pair of hairy legs. He reached his hand down and took one of my bare tits in his fingers, gently at first, but then, as he got hornier, his pinches grew harder and it was starting to hurt. But pain like that is a turn on to me. Soon he had both hands on my tits. "Oooh...FUCK! It fuckin HURTS!" I yelped. He lightened up and i went back to suckin his dick and balls. He was standing up against the dumpster looking down at me as i sucked his cock. "Someone kicked your ass, huh?" he said. I nodded, my mouth full of cock. "Boyfriend..pimp..?" I shook my head. "Customer?" I nodded. "What happen..he find out you're a guy?". I stopped suckin and raised my eyes. He laughed and pointed to my dick, which was hanging out of my panties. I pulled back my head, his dick slid out of my mouth. "No," I said. "He knew i was a sissy. He just that kind." The old man slid his dick back into my mouth. "Come on now," go ahead and finish me up." I started suckin and he tensed and grabbed my ears and ejaculated into my mouth. He looked around for something to wipe his dick off on. he reached down and wiped himself off on my wife beater. "That was good, baby," he said, patting my cheek. "What's your name?" I wiped my mouth. "Girlie," I said. He laughed. "Girlie. Well, that's definitely a feminine name. You out here every night?" I shook my head. "Mostly I hang out at SECRETS in Jack London the preview booths.
"Oh, ok," he said. "And you turn tricks in there?" I nodded. "You let guys fuck you, too?"
"Oh yeah, fo sho," I said. He pulled up his shorts and buckled his belt. "Ok, Girlie," he said. "I enjoyed that. Im going to be looking for you from now on."
He drove off and i picked up my wife beater. That's when i spotted the homeless bum, a black guy with no front teeth, standing there. "I saw what you done," he laughed. "That's cool though, girls got to make they money." I put on my dress and headed back out onto the street. Before I got back to my car i turned 4 more tricks. When I was in my car i checked my purse. I counted out almost 400 bucks. I laughed out loud. Oh god, what a fuckin whore! I cant wait to go back out again some night.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hi Sweeties! Guess what? Well, I got my ass whipped but good the other night. It happen at SECRETS in Jack London Square in Oakland. One of the reasons I like going there is because they could care less what kind of sex stuff goes on in those preview booths. in fact they installed larger booths that hold up to 6 occupants. A lot of the adult bookstores, mainly the ones away from San Francisco & Oakland, have signs posted to the effect of no sexual behavior allowed, or, one person per booth - violaters will be prosecution, etc. So that's why I like the Oakland SECRETS.
Anyway, i paid my 6 bucks and entered the arcade. I always get a thrill whenever i go into that arcade, because flanking the doorway are two lifesize photographs of naked women in high heels, & as i pass i think to myself that in just a few minutes I'll look very much like them. After I got my booth and got naked to high heels, I cracked the door to wait. This one short black dude came in and as soon as he saw me he went nuts. I mean, he was all over me, kissing on me feeling me up - he didn't even bother closing the door! He was babbling and acting like a rapist. He pushed me back on the bench and pushed my legs up, like he was gonna fuck me or something. He was trying to mount me and get his dick in my ass. Finally I had to insist that he wear a condom, which he did, then he fucked me with my legs up. He came quick, about 3 or 4 thrusts and he was done. I was kinda glad to get rid of him because he was acting psycho. After he left i watched some more porn. I was there about a half hour before another black guy came in my booth. He was smiling..."Whassup, sissy!" he said. Guys who call me that...sissy...are usually guys who have done time and know the score. "Hi sweetie", I answered him, acting as feminine as possible. "You like a nice hot blow job, baby?" He took off all of his clothes. He was in his 30s, dark skin, lots of muscles, like most african american men, and he had a good 10 inches. "Get down on you knees, bitch", he said. I obeyed him, sinking to my knees at his feet. I was about to suck his cock but he said, "Lick my toes first." well, he didn't lift his feet, so I had to get on my belly on the floor and lick his toes like that. I liked his toes hella long, until finally he told me i could suck his cock now. He was acting very me orders, like the pimps in prison do they sissies. I started suckin his dick. I'm a relly good cocksucker, almost nobody complains about the way I suck cock, but this guy was complaining that I wasn't using enough pressure. I kept tightening my lips and jaws, but it didn't seem good enough for him. he grabbed my jaws roughly in his hand and pinched down hard. "Bitch, I aint gone keep tellin yo ass, do it fuckin RIGHT!" And he slapped the side of my head...not too hard but enough for me to know he meant business. Well, since I been coming to the booths i aint never been beat up or anything, so I kinda wasn't expecting what happened. I mean, in the joint i had my ass beat hella, but the closest i came to a ass whippin in the booths was one time in El Cerrito when a guy came in my booth yelling at me and accusing me of giving him crabs, which was bullshit cause i didn't have crabs. But he was screaming at me and he raised his fist like he was gonna hit me. And to make it worse there were a shit load of guys crowding around the door watching. ut he never hit me, he just left. But now, I definitely had bad vibes from this guy. I kept trying to please him but he kept getting more pissed off. He started cussing me out and slapping my face and side of my head. I raised my hand just to try to keep from getting hit and really outraged him. That's when he beat the shit out of me. He was yelling and he kept hitting me every where, on my arms, my head & upper lip puffed way up and my right eye was almost completely swollen shut. Just then the door opened. Another black guy looked in. "What's goin on?" he said. The guy who beat me up said, "MuthaFUCKA! What the fuck you ass want! Get the fuck out of here!" The man looked at me. We were both naked, and I obviously had just got my ass whipped but good. I was crying. The man i was with, he had told me his name was "T", slammed the door shut and locked it. Then he turned to me and said, "Look muthafucker..look what you done! You got everyone over here now!" he started hitting me again. I was crying and begging him.."Please, baby..please don it me no mo..i do what ever you say honey..please it hurts!" The there was a loud banging on the door. "Security!" the voice said. "Open the door!" My man went to the door and opened it. It was the black security guard. He looked in. He saw me cowering behind "T". "What's going on, man?" the security asked. T said, "It aint nothin, man..we just havin a" The security looked at me. I was standing there naked, high heels, lipstick, slave rag. "You ok?" he said. T gave me a look. "Yeah," I said. "He my man.we cool." The security laughed. "Well ok then," he said. He turned to T. "Aiight man..just try an keep it down...aight?" T laughed and they bumped fists. "Aight, bro," he said. T turned to me. He wasn't smiling anymore. He grabbed my arm roughly and said, "You gone suck my dick, ho, an you gone suck it dig?" I nodded, "Ok baby..i promise i do you right baby", i said, kneeling. This time i pleased him, probably because my swollen lip made the blowjob feel better for him. After awhile he had me get up on the bench and stick my ass up so he could fuck me. He rolled a condom on his cock and pulled out a pill jar that had vaseline in it. He finger fucked my ass with 2 fingers then he mounted me and eased his bone hard cock into my anus. Man! That fucking cock felt HELLA good! T realy knew how to fuck. And I gave him a sweet one because i kept clamping down on the base of his dick with my tight ass muscles. He was fucking me and i saw the door open just a crack. It was the security guard. T couldn't see him because of the way he was turned, but I could see him, watching and enjoying the watching live pornography. T fuck me for a long time before easing his greasy dick out my fuck hole and ejaculating in my mouth. I had T's cum dripping from my face and I looked at the security guard. He quietly closed the door. T wiped off his dick on my t shirt & got dressed. He told me to give him whatever money I had. He grabbed my stuff and went through it and took $35.00. He left and I got up and watched some more of the sexy porn. I felt so fuckin cheap sitting there naked and beaten with cum dripping from my nose and chin. The door opened. It was the security guard. He came in and put his hand under my chin, raising my head. "Whooo-EEE!" he said. "Y'all done got you ass beat good!" I nodded. "Yeah," I said. The guard felt my legs. "I saw him fuckin' you," he said, his hand cupping my tits and his fingers pinching my nipples. I was getting hella horny. "Want me to suck you cock?" I asked him. He looked at me and took my t shirt. "Here," he said. "Wipe dat shit off you face. I wiped T's semen off, and the security guard took out his cock. It was thick and bone hard, 12 inches. I kissed it and sucked it, but he pulled back. "Please, baby," I said. "Please let me suck it..i promise i make you feel real good, honey man." I was feeling his big strong legs, begging him for cock. "You can suck it," he said. "But you got to know right now I want some pussy..I want to fuck." I held his dick in my hand. "Really?" i said. "Well, ok, baby..i love to feel this thing in my ass. I gave him a crazy sweet bareback blowjob, I sucked his cock and nuts and played with his legs. Then he fucked me on the bench. He laid me back and put my legs up on his shoulders and worked his bare cock into my greased up vagina. Man! That nigga's cock felt hella sweet in my naked ass. He was kissing my mouth and pounding my ass hard. Then he said, "Ima cum, baby!!" And he pulled out and I got down on the floor with my mouth open. He held his dick, squeezing down on the base to keep from cumming until I was on my knees. Then he let go and I felt a big slop of hot snot slap across my face, then another, and another, until my face was literally pasted with semen. Oh god! what a fucking WHORE! Then i hungrily licked and sucked his big hardon clean with my mouth. He pointed to the floor. There was a used condom lying there. It had streaks of shit on it from whoever got fucked by it. It had been lying there since before i got there. I looked at it. The security said,"Don be wastin that shit." I picked up the condom. There was a good quarter cup of cold semen in that scumbag. "Drink it." the security guard said. I laughed and held it up and let it run it to my open mouth. Fuck! It was ice cold and bitter, but i did as i was told and swallowed it all, gagging a little bit.
Well, that was my night. Everytime i look in the mirror i see the effects of the beating and I get hard again.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Well! I had a wonderful night on Friday! I went to SECRETS on Georgia street in Vallejo, CA. As usual I wore my baggy sweats and baseball cap pulled low on my face. I always dress this way on my adult bookstore excursions because that way I blend in & no one really pays attention to me, plus, the baggy sweats hide the plastic grocery bag that contains my high heels, lipstick, condoms, etc. I bought $6.00 worth of paper tokens, just enough to get me into the arcade. The people who work there now are pretty cool. The manager is a latino guy who is built like a body builder & has a shave head, & the girl who works there is really friendly. She's the one who waited on me friday night. She was wearing a tanktop that really showed off her big tits. I have to admit, she looked really sexy! As I walked toward the arcade I saw a latino guy holding a whip. He looked at me as I passed and slammed the whip on the magazine rack, smiling at me. I gave him a little smile back, I was kinda hoping he'd follow me into the back & give me a whipping. I went through the arcade doorway setting of the buzzer that allows the staff to monitor who enters or leaves the arcade. I went straight to my favorite booth, which is located in a smaller hallway just to the right of the main line of booths. There are two booths in this area. The reason I like these booths so much is that the camera doesn't view that area, so I can step out of the booth naked if I want and stand there to get men. I really hate it when the booth is occupied. Usually it's vacant, but if not I hang around outside til whomever is in there leaves. On Friday night it was vacant and I stepped in, locking the door behind me. I took 1 dollar paper token and fed it into the video machine. A movie started. I ran through the movie program, checked the volume, etc. just to make sure everything was working properly, before feeding in a $20 bill. Then I quickly stripped naked, slipped on my high heels and slave rag, applied my lipstick, and set a condom and my grease on top of the video screen. Then I unlocked the door and sat back to watch some porn. I mostly watch straight, man/woman porn. Most gay porn does nothing for me, because I don't see myself as a man having sex with other men; I see myself as a woman, and so I identify with the women on screen.
My first trick was a regular, an older black guy. I'd guess he's in in 60s, always in a suit, decent size cock, looves gettin' it sucked. I've been serving him for close to 10 years. His dick is always hard, and it only takes a few minutes to get him off. I got down on my knees and he dropped his pants. He makes a lot of noise, especially the closer he is to getting his nut. He'll feel my arms and pinch my tits, his legs will shake and BAM! I taste his nut in my mouth. I lick and clean him off with my tongue, he zips up and walks out. I gave about 3 more blowjobs and it got slow for awhile. I got my watch out of my jacket...10 p.m. Oh well, I figured I'd let the meter run down and call it a night. I still had about 20 minutes worth of viewing left. Usually I'll jerk off and time my nut to the last 5 minutes. I was watching a really sexy movie, a gorgeous white girl was sucking this really handsome black guy's dick & eating out his ass. Just then the door to my booth opened and a black guy looked in. He looked at me for a couple of seconds and left, closing the door. That happens a lot, guys look in, check me out, and either come in or don't. But very often they look in, leave, and return a few minutes later - which is what happened in this case. About 5 minutes later the black guy was back. This time his stepped into the booth. I gave him a big smile, "Hi, Sweetie!" I said. He nodded. "You want a blow job, baby?" I asked him. He looked at me. "Hail yeah." he said. I got down on my knees at his feet. I was really excited because he was extremely hot looking. He was young, no more than 30, about 6',2" or 3", dressed hip-hop gangsta style, sagging jeans, baseball cap on backwards. He unbuckled his jeans and let them drop. He was wearing tight black & gray jockey shorts and his dick was making a big bulge in his shorts. I reached up and pulled down his jockey shorts, freeing his huge penis. 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Friday, May 05, 2006


Hello, I'm an adult bookstore sissy. Now, if you're wondering what exactly an adult bookstore sissy does, I will explain. I should preface my remarks by telling you that, although i have always had sissy feeling running through my head, I never fully accepted the fact that I am indeed a sissy until I was 19 years old. Something very traumatic in my life occurred at that time, something which forced me to come to terms with my sissyhood: I was sent to prison. In prison weak, slightly built guys are raped and turned out as prison "women". Ask any con or excon and they will confirm this. In the same vein, if you ask them if they've indulged in homosexual act while incarcerated, most will deny this. If that seems puzzling I will explain. Because homosexuality is abhorrant to most convicts, it becomes important to them to find women substitutes, thus the term prison "woman". Once a guy is turned out as a "woman" he then becomes "she", and subsequently must portray the role of a female completely. He, or "she" will be given a female name, will have to learn to walk, talk, dress, and act like a real woman. If a turnout, or "punk" is not so attractive or is too masculine to pull off the transformation, he will usually end up as some convict's "wife", or "old lady". A prison "wife" does pretty much what wives do evrywhere, keep the "house" clean, wash her man's underwear, bust his pimples, and, most importantly, provide him with sexual release. If a punk is young, slightly built, cute, and can pass for female, than "she" will almost certainly end up being owned by a prison pimp who will turn "her" out as a prostitute. And just like "her" sisters out on the street, a prison "ho" must hustle "her" ass on the block and make coin for "her" man. A ho in the joint will learn to become as feminine and attractive as possible. "She" will learn how to wear lipstick, eye shadow, etc. "She" will learn to expose as much flesh as possible. Prison hos usually wear xxx size tank top t-shirts, cut and sown to fit like short dresses. Most wear "slave rags", Aunt Jemima style bandannas, and most are tattooed with the name of their pimp. Some are "patch carriers", this means they carry the name of whatever prison gang their pimp belongs to, emblazoned in large block lettering tattooed across their buttocks. Like whores out on the streets, prison "hos" are routinely beaten by their pimps for any and every reason; sometimes for no reason, sometimes just because the pimp thinks they need an attitude adjustment. Prison pimps are almost always black or hispanic, conversely, most prison prostitutes are white. Black men get off on forcing white men into the role of women. Most black men in the joint are supremely contemptuous of white men. What twisted me the way I am is that in the joint, if you are turned out as a "woman", then you will be given a female name, and strongly "encouraged" to walk, talk, and act in every way, like a woman, because that way the illusion is kept that the sexual activity is in some way heterosexual, and thus the "real" men are not indulging in homosexual acts when they have sex with a prison "woman". The lengths to which this illusion is maintained can be extreme: one "woman" got "her" jaw broken for the crime of standing up to take a piss. In my case I was fortunate to be a very slightly built male with very youthful, delicate features, so it was easy for me to make the transformation from man to woman. Even today I can "pass" if I choose to do so. I became the convict's dream girl. I actually LOOKED like a woman. I even have a pretty nice set of natural tits, which, before my incarceration had always been a source of embarrassment for me. But inside the walls they were my bread and butter. And I say this because shortly after my rape I was sold to an imate who was a prison pimp. Sissies like me, who are somewhat attractive and feminine looking invariably are used as prostitutes. The less attractive, more masculine looking punks become "wives", or "old ladies". The life of a prostitute behind bars is pretty much the same as for the girls out on the streets. You get used to the fact pretty quickly that you are someones property. You learn that to avoid getting beat up on a regular basis you make coin for your "old man". The more coin you make him the better he treats you, the higher your esteem among the other "girls". So for over 6 years I whored for a pimp named Jefe. He was a black-Puerto Rican. I went into prison with smooth pale skin, within a year I was covered with prison tats. Pimps in the joint like to mark their "women". Jefe told me that I was going to be a "patch carrier". He had the word PUERTO, in big block letters, tattooed across my left butock, and RICO tattoed across my right buttock. Above that, on the small of my back was tattooed his name "Jefe" in cursive. Later I would end up with a big, life size pair of breasts tattooed on my back, the word PUTA on my upper right arm, the word NINA, which was my prison name, on my upper left arm, a large crucifix on my upper left chest, a heart with the name JEFE on my right breast, The word COCKSUCKER in block lettering from knee to ankle on my right calf, and an erect penis and balls on my left calf from knee to ankle. I was marked for life. They do that in the joint so that no matter where you go -another prison - whatever, you will be known for what you are. Which brings me to sucking cock. I became a champion cocksucker in the joint. I found out that different men like different things, and I soon mastered them all. Very few guys could go more than five minutes in my mouth before blowing a load. And in the joint a "woman" is expected to swallow her man's load. But a lot of men love to snot all over my face and then admire the look, as it drips down my face and hangs in gooey, like snot, from my nose and chin. When I'm suckin' a man's cock I learned that they absolutely LOVE it when a bitch play with their legs! I mean it, girls, men LOVE that! And I'm a sucker for a pair of big hairy legs anyway. I usually start off by kissing and nibbling on the head of his cock. Then I fill my mouth with saliva and begin sucking his dick, using LOTS of tongue and saliva! I suck the length of his boner, from the head down to his balls, and even eat out his anus if he want me to, and I know african-american men love this, I can almost always tell when a man is about to shoot, even if he's the silent type, because the penis will swell and get even harder. That's when I turn it on, my tongue flickering like wildfire all OVER that cock. 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